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If you have any questions or would like more information please send an email to our Acting Chair, Andrew Murray on He will be pleased to answer your query.

Here is a summary of the latest news (most recent at the top):

On 16th June 2017, the official unveiling of the 'Henry Styleman Le Strange' Statue took place.
Here are some pictures taken by Andrew Murray of the event.
The second is of Alan Herriot, the Sculptor.

Unveiling Unveiling Unveiling Unveiling

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The Neighbourhood Plan is currently in the process of completion in advance of a Referendum that will seek approval from the local area for its adoption. The latest DRAFT version of the policies document - version 8.3.1 is available as a PDF document which can be viewed by clicking here and the file will open on the next page.
The plan is still in preparation but the working party anticipate that the final version should be produced in the near future. The working party would welcome any input or other comments about the content of the plan and its clarity.
Such comments can be submitted in writing to the Town Council, by e-mail to or by phone to 01485 532402.
Once the plan is finalised, it will be subject to a 6 week public consultation period, some adjustments may then be made before the plan goes to the Borough for further consultation then to an independent examiner . Further modifications may then be made prior to the plan going forward to a referendum. At least 50% of those voting in the referendum must approve it before it can be 'made' and become a part of Local Plan.

Latest News from the Society (HCS)

The Programme for 2017-2018 series of talks is available on the 'Monthly Talks' page under 'Events and Activities'.

Minutes of the latest meeting of the Committee could be the first place to find out what is afoot in Hunstanton through the eyes of the Civic Society. Please take your cursor or click on "Organisation" above and click on the sub menu "Meeting Minutes" to go to a page containing access to minutes of our committee meetings over the last few years.

Other items of recent news include:
HCS Chairman's Report for 21st October 2017

Planning Applications and Developments
17/01465/F – Bennett’s homes have put in an appeal against the decision of BCKLWN not to allow 3 extra access points from the A149
BCKLWN are proposing to develop the remainder of the sheep field for about 29 houses, mostly supposedly affordable and to bring Alexander Road up to adoptable status. They plan community engagement.
17/01922/F – there has been concern about this retrospective application relating to the replacement of a shed fronting St Edmund’s Avenue. It is too high with shiny roof.
Miramar Guest House in Boston Square have had new UVPC windows installed destroying the symmetry of the pair of semi detached Ibberson houses. Reported to Conservation Officer.

Town Council
The co-option to replace Richard Bird and David Jones planned for 17 November was postponed when one of the candidates withdrew.
The precept for 2018/19 will remain the same at £135,000
Stagecoach has been taken off school bus routes because of lack of trained staff.
Andrew Jamieson NCC wants to have details of lack of mobile phone coverage. He is keen to develop incubation units to help business start-ups.