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Hunstanton Heritage Centre News

This is our new leaflet that has been widely distributed both locally and further afield.


The Heritage Centre opened its doors to the public on 3rd August 2013 at 15 The Green, Hunstanton.
It was shortly after opened formally by Tim Bentinck (otherwise known as David Archer
in the Radio 4 programme "The Archers").
The Centre has attracted close on 10,000 people through it's doors each year since then (40,000 up to August 2017.
As you can read in the article below (courtesy of the Lynn News), this whole project was made possible by the generosity of the owners of the premises, Derek and Solveig Ward, who very kindly have allowed the Society to use the rooms under their home as the base for the Hunstanton Heritage Centre.

The majority of the work carried out in setting up the displays was carried out by Brian Holmes and
John Maiden with help from many others.

The Centre is opened generally from Half Term mid February and from 10th February 2018 will open
Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12.00pm to 3.00pm
and April through to October Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1.00pm to 5.00pm
then beginning November to mid November it is opened Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays
from 12.00pm to 3.00pm
Up to November 2017 it was normally open on Fridays rather than Wednesdays but we believe many visitors who come to Sunny Hunny Monday to Friday do miss out on being able to visit the Centre. We hope this change will help.
In the depths of winter it is closed mid November to mid February.

**** By special request, the Centre can be opened for Schools and other Groups at any time of the year. ****

Please contact John Maiden who can be contacted by email at or

Brian Holmes who can be contacted by email at for more information.

Admission is FREE but donations are always very welcome and, in fact, needed to allow us to pay our overheads and to save up for our own Centre at some stage in the future.

New donation to the Heritage Centre:
The Easter Weekend 2015 brought a new highlight to the Centre. Well ... actually a very old one really!
Millions of years old, in fact.
Andrew and Catherine Nicholson of Bexley found this Ammonite in September 2014 under Hunstanton Cliffs.
They kindly sent John Maiden pictures taken at the hand-over in the Centre and said

"Just to recap, we found the Ammonite at the base of Hunstanton cliffs at about the mid-way point.
Cath was fossil hunting on the beach during a short stay at the flat in September ’14.

In the early evening I went down to try to get her away before it got too dark. She came down to where I was standing
and suddenly pointed down and exclaimed “that looks like an ammonite” we cleared away the rocks
around it and exposed the biggest ammonite we had ever found.

Eyes to the heavens I knew what this was going to mean as we could not just walk away and leave it.
The ammonite weighed quite a bit and after helping me for a short distance I ended up carrying it by myself
the distance up to the road.

Cath decided that it was too big to keep, and, as it was found at Hunstanton it ought to go to the Heritage Centre
for public display. Unfortunately, being late, the Centre was closed and was not going to open until
after we had returned home.
So nothing for it the fossil was taken on a trip to Bexley where we live, to be returned, hopefully,
in the spring when the Centre would be open again.

Mission accomplished today."
here they are with the Ammonite:

Thank you very much - this will be enjoyed by all our visitors.

A plea for volunteers to man the Heritage Centre

If you have not already visited the Heritage Centre, next door to the Princess Theatre, it is well worth a look and a wander around the very interesting displays of our Sunny Hunny in times gone “bye”.

The Centre is open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays and Bank Holidays from 1-5pm during the Summer Months and is manned by a lovely band of volunteers doing a two hour stint in two’s (1-3 or 3-5pm) twice a month.
We would love and need more volunteers.
So if you have lived in Hunstanton or district for either a short or long time, we would be delighted to hear from you and have you join us for this very interesting and rewarding pastime.

Please ring or email me if you would like any more information

Sheila and Stephen Kent on 01485 534200 or email

BBC Radio Norfolk visit our Heritage Centre
On Sunday, 30th October 2016, we had a visit by Sophie Little looking for a clue, and found it! Here are a few pics taken on the day. We had a sudden interest in the Centre that afternoon and hosted quite a number of visitors.
Treasure Quest visit Treasure Quest visit Treasure Quest visit
What next?


Through July and a bit of August 2017 there was a Special Exhibition based on the Heritage Gardens (formerly the Esplanade Gardens) mounted by John Smith and Tony Armstrong which, like that mounted in 2016, was a great success. It showed the history of the Gardens from when New Hunstanton St Edmund was first developed to the present day. Of course the Gardens have undergone major renovations and improvements over the Spring and Summer of 2017.